Why are you still using messaging apps that don't let you be yourself? With SpeakOn X, we've created an app that you can use to communicate the way to prefer.
Custom interface

You choose every day the way you dress, the way you talk, and what you want to do, so why an app should restrain you with with a single, monotone interface? With SpeakOn X you can personalize the interface the way it fits better for you. The choice is yours.

Send messages the way you prefer

With SpeakOn X you can choose between sending text, audio, or video easyly and fast. You communicate different with every person, your messaging app should allow you to do the same.

Manage your contacts better

You know a lot of people from a lot of enviroments. SpeakOn X lets you manage your contacts in a simple way. Navigate through your family, work pals, and your close friends fast and easy.

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Share what's important to you

With SpeakOn X you can share photos and videos with all your contacts at once. If you have something on your chest that you want to share, SpeakOn X will communicate your message to the world.

Chat with everyone, everywhere

We don't believe in walls or barriers. Your messaging app shouldn't restrain you to chat with anyone in any place, so we've developed a real-time translation system to erase the language barriers. Send a message in your language, the other person will receive it in hers.

Chat beautifully

We love the gorgeous design and we implement it everywhere we can. With our messaging app we do the same. We constantly strive to give you the most beautiful, functional experience.

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